Varietal composition: Savatiano 100%

Category: Dry white

Origin of Vineyards: Peania, Attica

Age of vines (average): 30 years

Yields: 900 Kg/ha (9 tn/ha)

Harvest dates: First fortnight of September

Vinification: Manual harvesting in 20 Kg picking baskets. Mechanical destemming, skin-contact at 10°C for 8 hours, light pressure, static debourbage. Αlcoholic fermentation in stainless steel tanks at 16°C by adding a small amount of selected pine resin. Short ageing over fine lees and direct bottling within the production year. 

Organoleptic Analysis: Light with a small dose of resin and aromas of citrus and mastic. Mild minerality and long aftertaste.

Harmony of flavors: Enjoy it with fatty grilled or smoked fish, vegetable dishes cooked in olive oil, legumes and ripened cheeses. Served at 10-12 ° C.

Alcohol by volume: 13,8 %