Papachristou Vineyard is situated in the heart of the Mesogian plain, south-east of Peania in Attiki. The international grape varieties Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon are cultivated at the “Pelkezi” site, while the Greek traditional varieties Savatiano and Roditis are planted at the “Gropeza” site.

The climate of the Mesogeia region is mediterranean, characterized by mild winters and hot summers. Our vineyard is adjacent to the sea on the east side and Mount Hymettus (height 1026 meters) on the west side. The sea breeze and the cool air coming from Hymettus softens the high summer temperatures and keep the humidity high. Thanks to the microclimate (terroir) of the area, healthy grapes of exceptional quality are produced. The annual hours of sunshine in the region of Eastern Attica averages 2.900, while the annual rainfall does not exceed 415 mm.

The vineyard’s altitude is from 120 to 150 meters above sea level and iit is planted with north to south orientation. The main elements of the attican soil are clay, silicon and limestone. The vineyard is cane-trained using vertical trellising with a 2,5 metres distance between the rows in order to achieve adequate airing and sun exposure.The sloping ground, the intense sunlight of Attiki and the orientation of the vineyard combined with the farmer's toil, contribute to the perfect wine quality of our wines.